Thursday, July 27, 2017

Visit to the Bourroughs Audubon Nature Center

Wednesday, August 30, 10:00 AM 
at the BANC Sanctuary,
301 Railroad Mills Road, Pittsford
 In late summer the wetlands of our sanctuary are colorfully arrayed with Goldenrod, Joe Pye Weed, Boneset, Great Blue Lobelia, and Turtlehead.  Members of the Canandaigua Botanical Society will join us and our dragonfly expert, Jon Dombrowski, as we search for dragonflies and damselflies along our boardwalks and trails amid the beautiful flowers of late summer.  Bring binoculars, water, and a lunch to enjoy on the porch afterwards, if you wish.

What Lives in Grimes Glen?

Saturday, August 26, 2017; 9:45 AM

Join Environmental Educators Edith Davey and Steve Lewandowski on Saturday, August 26th as they lead a workshop focused on macroinvertebrates - creatures without backbones but visible to the naked eye. Learn how the presence or absence of certain aquatic indicator species is a marker of stream health. Great for kids and adults alike! Be sure to wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a little wet.
Meet Steve and Edith at the mouth of Grimes Glen at 9:45 am (at the end of Vine Street in the Village of Naples) Turn between the Bristol Valley Theater and the Fire Hall.  No registration required: free and open to the public. Except in the case of extreme weather, the walk will be on rain or shine.

Thanks to Robin for this information!


with Bruce Gilman
Saturday, August 5, 2017  10 AM
Covering 390 acres with nearly 6 miles of trails, the Finger Lakes Land Trust cares for a portion of the Briggs Gully located at the Wesley Hill Nature Preserve.  Join us as Bruce Gilman leads us through the preserve which provides excellent examples of the areas's geologic history and native plant communities.  Be prepared for a more strenuous walk.

Directions: Travel west on US 5&20.  Turn south on Route 64.  Turn left onto US 20A.  Continue southwest about 14 miles and turn left onto East Lake Road in Richmond.  Turn left onto Pinewood Hill Road to Gulick Road South Bristol.  Pass Sweetgum Drive and Wesley Hill paring area will be on the right (about 5 miles past turn from 20A).

We enjoyed a wonderfully cool morning with just a few sprinkles.  Here are photos of just some of what we saw:
Dr. Bruce Gilman, THE PLANT MAN, was our guide
Our sign pointing the way to the RED TRAIL
Shagbark Hickory, 5 leaflets

Bruce tells us about a Canadian glacial rock
Christmas fern, leafs look like small stocking, stays green year round.
Bruce checks out the Hemlock
Cinnamon fern
Lady fern
Sensitive fern
Intermedial fern
Indian pipe / ghost plant
Gall of the Earth
New York fern
heart leafed aster
Bracken fern
Geum Avens
Veronica speedwell
hog peanut
wild basil
wintergreen (dark round leaves)
true and false Solomon seal
Perhaps a gravestone next to a black oak tree
mustard (introduced)

Wild geranium
meadow rue

heading out onto the mound that was made to create a pond

wild bergamont
Bird's foot trefoil
Bruce shows how Bird's foot trefoil got its name
early goldenrod
grass leaved goldenrod
Autumn olive (invasive)

tasty blackberries

Tartarian honeysuckle (invasive)
ox tongue (leaves that stick)

white bone set, wide leaf and narrow leaf cattails
Bruce explains difference between wide leaf and narrow leaf cat tails (beyond the leaf width)

Swamp milkweed (pink)
Kathy checks out the sedges
small toad in a small hand

baneberry / doll's eyes
May apple / Mandrake
Gooseleaf striped maple / Mooseweed / ADK TP
Maple leaf viburnum

black fungus
white fungus

fungus that has been nibbled

more fungus
hay-scented fern

Indian cucumber

Interrupted fern
more blackberries
and a slug...
blackberry snack on the mound
Bruce putting his vasculum to use
Enjoying a rest (and a closer look at species)

Big toothed Aspen

  And a list of species: 
Canandian glacial rock
Hop hornbeam/ironwood
White oak
Joe pie weed
Shagbark hickory (5 leaflets)
Pignut hickory (7 leaflets)
Indian pipe / ghost plant
Gall of the earth
Heart leafed aster
Geum/avens (rose family)
Veronica speedwell
May apple / mandrake
Hog peanut
Wild basil
True Solomon Seal
False Solomon Seal
Mustard (introduced)
Wild geranium
Greenbrier Smilax rotundifolia
Wild Bergamot
Yellow goldenrod
Birds foot trefoil
Yarrow (white)
Early goldenrod
Grass leaved goldenrod
Autumn olive (invasive)
Tatarian honeysuckle (red berries)
Oxtongue (yellow with leaves that cling)
Cat tails – wide leafed and narrow leafed
White boneset
Swamp milkweed
Sedges and bulrushes
Baneberry / dolls eyes
Red trillium
Goose leaf, moosewort, striped maple, ADK TP
Maple leaf viburnum
Indian cucumber
Bottlebrush grass
Bed straw
European barberry
Witch hazel
Black oak
Big toothed aspen
Christmas fern
Cinnamon fern
Lady fern
Sensitive fern
Intermediate wood fern
Bracken fern
New York fern
Hay scented fern
Interrupted fern