Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updates regarding the Lagoon Park Project


15 Members gathered at FLCC.
Jim Engel, a landscaper spoke to the Members about his proposed project to restore the Lagoon Park off of Lakeshore Drive. He proposes to remove invasive plants (primarily Buckthorn) and allow native plants to come back and thrive. Non-native plants do not support native insects, birds, wildlife creating a sterile environment. He has met with the City of Canandaigua and they have approved his idea with the caveat that he begin with a “demo” area to assess how well this project might be.
The Members voted to approve this project, agreed to donate $300.00 to be matched by the FLWA, and to send a donation letter to all members of the Botanical Society.The Finger Lakes Watershed Alliance has pledged to match all donations up to $3000; other companies, individuals, and organizations will also be solicited with Bill Bross helping to write the ask.

Here are photos and updates shared with us by Jim Engel on December 16, 2012:

Hello all.
I spent this past Thursday and Friday treating the invasive at lagoon park. I will finish up a few remaining patches this coming Monday.  If you get a chance stop by and take a look.  The view shed has opened up considerably especially the view of the water.
Keep in mind that this is a work in progress.  You can't make an omelet without breaking an egg. Remember it is necessary to kill all of the invasives to make room for the native plants that will replace them.
Next spring when the remaining native plants leaf out the new foliage will obscure much of the brush.  The plan is also to replant with native trees and shrubs especially where there was only buckthorn.  Also after about a year the majority of the small twigs and small branches will become brittle and  break up, the brush will gradually compact, naturally decompose and over time disappear.
I took a series of pictures to show the changes taking place.  The first image is of the trail will buckthorn  still in leaf , the second one is of the trail before treatment and the third is after treatment.


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