Monday, June 29, 2009

Canandaigua Botanical Meeting Minutes from Lincoln Woods walk at FLCC, June 27, 2009

Led by Dr. Bruce Gilman

Attending: Dr. Bruce Gilman, Bob Guthrie, Mark Hawkins, Maya Hobday, John Hyde, Dick Kent, Leona Lauster, Laura Ouimette & Thomas, Mary and John Purdy, Elizabeth Socci,

Species recorders: Leona Lauster and Maya Hobday
Beautiful morning, pleasantly warm after some rainy days.

In the Arboretum: Started by Bruce Gilman in 1977
Little Leaf Linden; White Mulberry; Norway Maple; Red Maple; London Planetree; Sugar Maple; Pin Oak -deep sinuses, sharp points; Black Oak; Coranga Hedge (carnings tree forming hedges); Gold-tipped Cedar; Native white cedar; Thuja; Juniper; Deadly Nightshade in bloom; Catnip; Tall Hedge; Red Beech, Purple Beech; Native Magnolia or Cucumber Tree; Hackberry tree; Tulip Tree (Bruce’s favorite); Ginkgo-male; Scarlet Pimpernel; Austrian Pine -male & female on one tree; Weeping Norway Spruce-weeping pine; White Pine; Dawn Redwood-cone; Colorado Blue Spruce; Bald Cyprus; Fir tree – white stripes underneath needle; European Larch tree – looses needles;

Then the woods and Fallbrook trail:
Black Walnut; White Ash – seeds hang down like a grape pod; Private Hedge (pivot hedge escape); Buckthorn; Boxelder; European Wayfarer; Redbud; Cottonwood tree; Mock Orange shrub – white blossoms; Thimbleweed or Anemone – in bloom, seed head resembles a thimble; Native Sycamore; Willow; European Viburium; Hog Peanut; Orange-fruited Horse Gentian (genus triosterum); American Elm – lives only about 20 years; Rough Hawkweed – yellow; Field Garlic/Meadow Garlic; Poison Ivy; Smooth Sumac; Honeysuckle; Birdsfoot Trefoil; Crown Vetch; Common Mugwort; Corkscrew Willow –doesn’t grow tall therefore ideal for small yards (John Hyde), also used in floral arrangements; Autumn Olive; Canada Thistle; Butter-and-eggs; Blue-stemmed Goldenrod; Poplar tree; Sugar Maple; Mayapple in fruit; White Baneberry; False Solomon’s Seal; Red Oak; White Oak; Spicebush; Touch-me-not; Enchanter’s Nightshade; Clearweed

Then the boardwalk and trail:
Skunk Cabbage – red ashes; Marsh Marigold; Water Horehound; Red Ash; Yellow Iris; Swamp Dock; Yellow Water Buttercup – small, introduced to swamp by Bruce; Winterberry Holly

After the boardwalk:
Oxeye Daisy; Red Mulberry; Wild Geranium; Helleborine- weed Orchid; Garlic Mustard;
Blue Cohosh; Barberry; Bloodroot; Doll’s Eyes, White Baneberry in bloom

Herb Garden:
Tansy; Spiderwort; Ostrich Fern; Fern-leaf Tansy; Parsley; Foxglove; Yarrow – yellow; Nasturtium; Santalina; Lamb’s Ear; Horehound; Valerian; Sedum, Autumn Joy; Japanese Scholar Tree; Smoke Bush; Columbine aquilegia; Cultivated foam flower & Delphinium;

Paperbark Maple – hoping for a successful transplant this year
Day Lily; Coffee Tree;

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