Sunday, June 3, 2012

Notes from the MULLER FIELD STATION walk

Thanks to Caroline Gray for sharing these notes.

Attending: Caroline and Robert Gray with Philo and Charles, John Hyde, Sharon Horton and Marty Dodge as our guide.  And what a guide!

Marty Dodge started right in with the willows by the parking lot and told us many interesting and useful plant facts. 
Willow bark contains aspirin but is quite acidic.
Buttercups are poisonous. 
Plantains are edible with the narrow leaf plantain being better eating.
Some say milkweed is toxic, but the young pods are tasty when fried.
Dog Bane bark makes good twine.

We compared several different grasses; most of which were in bloom --achoo! 
We identified poison ivy and tried to impress its recognition on the boys.

Professor Dodge talked about invasive plant species such as the rose bushes and tartarian honeysuckle.  He also talked about the various invasive beetles that are threatening the Northeast.  Perhaps best of all, Professor Dodge taught Charlie how to make noises by blowing on a blade of grass!

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