Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall hike overlooking Canandaigua Lake with Marty Dodge on September 21, 2013

Although the day was overcast with threats of rain, ten of us enjoyed an informative hike through the woods and meadows surrounding Marty Dodge’s home overlooking Canandaigua Lake.  

Marty shared information about the No Child Left Inside Act and the importance of environmental education happening in the field outside of the classroom.  I found this youtube video that explains it well:

Marty took us on a hike through property that once belonged to the Barnum family and was divided between four sisters who each had 60 acres around the 35 acre homestead.  Two of the sisters plan to transfer property to the Finger Lakes Land Trust.

Here is just a sampling of our hike through photos:
Hawthorn apple tree near wood pile
Wood cut with love?
pond with cat tails
Marty tells about building a rock wall to hold a new daffodil garden
beginning our walk into the woods
Marty had a lot to share about two American Chestnut trees
American Chestnut
American chestnut catkin
meadow view from the woods edge
overlooking Barns Gully that feeds into Canandaigua Lake at Onanda Park
overlooking the gully
back to pasture (where cattle once gazed)
Bill Bross and Marty Dodge
black cherry
Black Eyed Susan
Black snakeroot
Black Raspberries (VERY tasty!)
Bridge with troll?
butter and eggs
butterfly stump
cinnamon fern frond
Fall color!
delicately decomposed leaf
looking east over Canandaigua Lake
red leaves
maple leaf
sensitive fern
fern - bracken?
field overlook
colorful fungus near base of tree
coral fungus
gray dogwood
forest floor
Marty talks about the forest
Hawkweed - Indian paintbrush
hawthorn apples
standing among phytotoxic invasive spotted knotweed
shagbark hickory
hickory leaves starting to change color
hickory branch with fragrant hickory fruits
hops hornbeam
iron wood
joe pye weed
joe pye weed in field
young botanist enjoys a rest on a bench that Marty made
lake view from forest
lake view
Marty "Dodging" the raindrops
"Outstanding" in the field
milkweeds in field
forest floor with moss and more
"tennis ball" moss (according to Laura only)
star moss
white moss
moss - coral and another
moss mixture
more moss
moss with sticks and stones
mushroom fungus
oak marble gall
Marty explains old growth forest floor
aged stump at edge of forest
hoping the rain will wait a bit
Peggy and Bill strolling along the meadow path
talking about a poplar leaf
queens Anne's lace
rosette gall
also called flower or bunch gall causing goldenrod to split
for more information about galls:

serviceberry (june berry tree)
serviceberry bark
stick weed
tall white lettuce
tasty plums!
through the woods
trail maintenance
pleasant view
the rain came near the end of our hike
unknown - anyone care to share?
vulture - identified by wings in V form
Marty tells us about the white oak - used in Old Ironside.
He also talked about the difference between red and white oaks
white snakeroot (see more in two prior events)
woods wander
returning to start
hike complete - enjoying the lake view before we leave

THANK YOU Marty Dodge for inviting us to your home
and sharing the wealth of information.
We'll look forward to visiting again in the spring when the daffodils are blooming.

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