Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photos from Rogers' Woods

It was a cool morning, wet but not raining.  The paths were muddy and footing was sometimes difficult to navigate.  Not to worry if you were unable to join us.  Here are the photos - most identified with a few you might help us with.

Thomas samples the mertensia nectar and declares it "SWEET"

Thomas and Grandma crossing Mud Creek
equsitum (horsetail)
false Solomom's Seal
fern - anyone care to add more?
garlic mustard
no jack in the pulpit - but we did find a cousin -skunk cabbage
trillium and cut-leaved toothwort
trout lily - past bloom
yet to be identified shrub...perhaps privet?
another unknown - fuzzy stems and perhaps a berry?
wild strawberry and poison ivy
small sapling with red raised specks - HM?

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