Thursday, August 21, 2014

Paddling with the Plants

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What a wonderful time we had at Muller Field Station under the expert guidance of Maura Sullivan, FLCC Instructor of Environmental Conservation.
Maura Sullivan with her beloved copy of 
The Plants of Pennsylvania by
Ann Fowler Rhoads and Timothy A. Block
We first met at the lodge
With nine people in attendance we were easily managed in four canoes.
Coon tail (under the surface)


heading north towards Honeoye Lake

Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Virginia creeper
same virginia creeper - turning red
Bill holding up utricularia; bladderwort
bladderwort blossom

bladderwort plant in bottom of canoe
Leona inspecting the bladderwort as Donna looks on

Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal flower
Maura pulls up a bur reed
taking a closer look at the bur reed stem
bur reed plant-looks like a constellation
The stem is spongy - aerenchyma - allowing it to remain boyant

The Plants of Pennsylvania is handy ANYWHERE!
Maura and Eli identifying a species

royal fern
Pickerel weed: Pontederia cordata

pickerel weed close up
red dodder - cuscuta
speckled elder - alnus incana
blue heron
Polygonum: knotweed
Eli checks out the ochrea: papery sheath on stem
polygonum seen in pink and white: also called smart weed
This is as far north as we went - as we met a shallow beaver dam
smaller leaves are duck weed
Decodon verticilla; water willow from the loosestrife family

heading south through duck weed
solanum dulcamara -enchanted night shade

button bush: cephalanthus occidentalis
Returning from our canoe
Jewel weed - not quite ready to disperse seed
but does show a silver glisten in the water
Leona inspecting the common milkweed for possible butterfly activity
Persicaria Sagittata with toothed/spiked stem

Joe pye weed: eutrochium fistulosum
wild garlic growing near the lodge
Muller Field Station lodge
a closer check of species back at the lodge
Bill learns to identify male and female with smartweed / polygonum
dark red species is mosquito fern: azolla caroliniana
 Wetland Plants and Soils at Muller Field Station - Canoeing!
    Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM  
                (carpool 9:20 am from Sly Street lot)
Learn about wetland soils and plants from FLCC Instructor of Environmental Conservation, Maura Sullivan. Muller Field Station has canoes and life preservers for our use.  Perhaps we’ll get a close up look at water plants from canoes!  Bring a lunch to enjoy after our program at the Field Station house.  Come dressed for adventure!  Directions: head west from Canandaigua on Route 5/20. Turn left onto NY 64 south 3.7 miles to US Route 20A.  Turn right onto 20A and  continue 7.1 miles to County Road 36.  Turn left onto CR 36 and proceed south 5.5 miles.  Muller Field Station will be on your left at 6455 County Road 36.  
verbena hastata - blue vervain

For more information about FLCC's Muller Field Station:

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