Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Unique Gardens of Michael Hannen

On Saturday, July 20th ten folks got together to enjoy the diverse gardens of Micheal Hannen. With about 1000 varieties of flowers and plants we were certainly overwhelmed to remember all of the species (which Micheal could name quite easily).  Michael has plants available for sale by contacting him at

Here is just a small sampling of what we saw:

Michael Hannen's gardens in Rochester, NY
anis hissop

balloon flower
bastard balm
bears breeches
bears breeches: morning candle
bluebutter - smells like liverwurst and repels deer!
bush clematis
Cobra Leaf Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Amazing the varieties of Jack-in-the-Pulpits...this one with several pulpits!
coreopsis route 66
crocosmia lucifer
datisca cannabina (with quite the description!)
donkey tail
Leona with epazote
Michael demonstrates mulching with Fiskars
Flora tube socks (from Japan?)
gold leaf astilbes
gold leaf poke weed
heleopsis prairie sunset

hybiscus - Bring in the Clowns
hypericum sunburst
indigo little pinkie

another Jack-in-the-Pulpit
jack-in-the-pulpit - Red Dragon
kid abelia - Micheal's "Naughty" plant
knot weed - kissme
Lance Corporal knotweed
Micheal expands his garden space by planting on the property next door.  Micheal gets to garden and the landlord doesn't need to worry about mowing the lawn!
lobelia cardinalis
potted plants in Micheal's market garden - and another jack-in-the-pulpit
Fitting to his name: The Plant Whisperer!
Midwestern elderberry
Miss Lucy ornamental lily and pink phlox

Micheal has a story to tell about this mother-in-law plant
mountain oregano with white leaves
Micheal's stick points out native ginsing

Micheal's garden expands to neighboring yard
ornamental pepper
ornium onion - allium
raspberry wine in foreground
red ocra

red prairie fire

silphium perfoliatum - cup plant
snowflake hydrangia
South African impatians
sugar tip rose of sharon
tamarix shrub
The Plant Whisperer
trifolium rubens - ornamental clover
Sweet Anne echinacea
variegated heliopsis
Virginia mountain mint - oregano
white flowering sedum
white globe thistle
yellow heliopsis
Japanese shrub mint
Unknown (I forgot to write it down)
another missed name

We concluded our tour just before noon as it began to rain.  Even though I took over 200 photos, I couldn't possibly share them all here.  We were quite impressed that Micheal know all of the plants by name - not to mention several interesting facts about each plant.  We are grateful to Micheal for opening his gardens to us and realize that each week unfolds a different awesome array of blooms.  Micheal specializes in propagating unique plants and would love to help you diversify your garden.  You may contact him for plant purchases by appointment at

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