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May 2, 2015: Here are details about the PLEIN AIR BLUEBELLS event on MOTHER'S DAY.  I stopped by yesterday without my camera and expect the bluebells to be in full bloom by next week!
SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2015 
between 1:00 and 3:00 PM
at Mertensia Park in Farmington, NY
Anyone who has ever had a mother is welcome to join us for our first ever PLEIN AIR BLUEBELLS event at Mertensia Park.  We will provide the paper, paints, pallets, and brushes to capture your artistic view of the Mertensia (bluebells) and other spring wildflowers along Mud Creek.  This event is free and we encourage "budding" artists to join us.  If you know you'll be joining us we would appreciate a quick email to in order to be sure we have plenty of supplies.  

**Please bring along an easel if you have one.**

Directions to Mertensia Park:  Drive north on Route 322 and take a left onto County Road 41 (Hess Station). Drive west on CR 41 about 1 mile and turn right onto Mertensia Road.  Turn left down into Mertensia Park.  The bluebells are behind the tennis courts. 
 May 11, 2015: Reporting back  with the results of our first ever  

Thanks to Elizabeth's suggestion we met at Mertensia Park with supplies sufficient for a Plein Air event.  The weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms but between 1 and 3 PM we saw mostly sunny skies and plenty of bluebells.  24 people gathered throughout the paths along Mudd Creek to enjoy (and capture in their own artistic fashion) the Mertesia/bluebells.  We had several "seasoned" Plein Air artists with their own supplies as well as plenty of  "budding artists" appreciating the paints supplies that we made available.  Even 10 month old Charlotte got to make a keepsake of her foot painted up for a Bluebell print for her Mommy's first Mother's Day!

Elizabeth keeping watch on the supplies
Okay to paint "not the bluebells"
Settled in and looking for a spot...
Mertensia (aka Bluebells)

Hidden among the Mertensia
Great way to spend the day with MOM!
Poison Ivy
Meadow Rue
Other plants seen during the afternoon included: Colts foot, false Solomen's Seal, Trout lily leaves (past blossom), Meadow Rue, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Lily of the Valley, Violets (purple and white), poison ivy

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