Friday, August 27, 2010

The Lagoon Park Landscape Restoration Project Tour - August 21, 2010

Dave DeMallie talked about the native and invasive plant species at Lagoon Park on Lakeshore Drive in Canandaigua. A proposal was made to the City of Canandaigua to have invasive plants removed from this forever wild flood plane and protected wetland. Due to funding shortages the project has not yet commenced.
European Buckthorn would be the primary target for removal without disturbing wildlife. Invassive plants will be cut at the base and a herbacide would be applied to the stumps only as needed. Replanting would occur with native species.
Jewelweed/Touch Me Not (a soothing remedy for poison ivy)
A bridge similar to this would look great and be very useful crossing 5 and 20 at South Main Street.
Monarch caterpillar (frass on upper left leaf)
A few members enjoying the view
Bob Guthrie and Maya Hobday discussing select species
A Blue Heron
Maya Hobday keeping clear of the Poison Ivy edging
More poison ivy growing all around the tree trunk
The "Y" shoots from the main branch of the river wild grape are tasty
Species identified during the Canandaigua Botanical trip to The Lagoon Park
European buckthorn, black willow, black locus, jewel weed, fragrent white water lily, golden rod, queen Ann's lace, dogbane, high bush cranberry, evening primrose, mullen, ash tree, grey dogwood with white berries, knapp weed, crab apple, river wild grape, smart weed, St. John's weed (has tiny, little holes in its leaves; look against the sky or through a magnifying glass to see them), self heal, horehound (has square stem), teasel, birdfoot trefoil, downy willow herb, fleabane, elecampane (sunflower like flower).
Interesting factoid: maple, ash, and dogwood MAD have opposite leaves.

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