Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Minutes from our July 11, 2009 field trip

Attending the walk at the Geneva Experiment Station and then at Dr. Jana Lamboy's gardens on Saturday, July 11, 2009: Ray Boda, Bob Guthrie, Maya Hobday, John Hyde, Dr. Jana Lamboy, Leona Lauster, Laura Ouimette with Bethan and Thomas, Nan Seyfried, and Elizabeth Socci. Species recorders: Maya and Leona
Stormy weather, but we managed to stay dry.
Dr. Lamboy shared with us: A GUIDE TO THE WOODY ORNAMENTALS OF THE NYS AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, GENEVA NY Produced by the Geneva Arboretum Association for Arbor Day April 24, 1992.
Geneva Experiment Station:Pachysandra, Yucca, Mugo Pine, Helleborine, Swamp White Oak, Paper Birch, Ginkgo, White Cedar, Washington Hawthorn, Turkish Filbert (quite large), Sugar Maple, Katsura, European Hornbeam, Cedar Hawthorn Rust, Star Magnolia (& magnolia scale), Native Perennials:Spiderwort, Tickseed, Wild Bergamot, Bee Balm, Joe-Pye Weed (many colors and sizes), Black-eyed Susan, New England Aster, Bleeding Heart, Plantain
Sundrops, Coral Bells, Whirling Butterflies, Creeping Phlox, Butterflyweed, New Jersey Tea, Milkweed (different colors and sizes), Climbing Hydrangea (near wall on driveway), Rose bush (small, very delicate yellow flowers), Liatol blazing star (?)
At Jana Lamboy’s Gardens:Norway Spruce, Phlox, White Aster, Blue Vervain, New Jersey Tea, Dahlias, Blue Lobelia, Mountain Mint, Peppermint, Lisyanthus, Sunflowers, Nigella, Rattlesnake Master, Chestnut, American Elm, Perennial Poppy, Coreopsis, Baby’s Breath, Northern Sea Oats, Rubeccia, Ecinachia, Annual Poppy, Penstamin, Yarrow “the pearl” or Pearl Yarrow, Strawflowers, St. Johnswort, Globe Thistle, Japanese Umbrella Pine (very long needles), White Birch, Pink Yarrow, Black Alder, Carolina Silverbell, Bur Oak (raised from a seed 12-15 yrs ago), Sweetshrub, Mountain Ash, Turkish Filbert, Swamp Milkweed, Obedient Plant, Bald Cypress, Elderberry, Statice, Anemone, Foamflower, Columbine, Lamb’s ear, Bee Balm (different sizes, leaves, and colors), Lilies, Pear tree (where small pears hang down like a bunch of grapes)

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