Saturday, June 20, 2015

Woodland Gardens

Saturday, June 20, 2015     10:00 AM
6109 Knapp Road, Canandaigua
Lou and Bradley Bliss invited more than twenty of us to their two acre oasis of woodland gardens with rustic stone paths and shallow streams winding through an array of perennials and an abundance of hostas.  When Lou is not working with the garden at Gleaner's Kitchen or the Bloomfield Garden Club she devotes her time and obvious talents to the wonders of her woodland garden.  
three acres around the home and gardens are surrounded with 8 feet high plastic fencing to keep the deer out
Lou ties rope to plastic kiddy pools to help move things throughout the garden
Lou's second home?
baby ginger under hosta leaves
Tiger lily and Indian bloodroot
This innocent little white flower is a Houttuynia Cordata or chameleonplant.  Lou told us it has been very invasive.
shells on trees attract snails and keep them from the plants
Gunnera - the enormous leaves
Lou tells us about the jack in the pulpit that smells like spoiled meat
Lou has over 300 varieties of Hosta
stick teepee for critters
Bear's breeches
note tiny mouse ear hosta along the edge of this garden
Bridegroom hosta with reverse leaves

In addition to the plants named above we saw these species (and several more not even mentioned here):  Pulmonaria, sweet woodruff myrtle, lady slipper, may apple, gooseneck loosestrife, goatsbeard, lenten rose (hellebore), ligularia, Annabelle hydrangea, and spurge (Euphorbia)

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