Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lagoon Park Species Identified

The first group of photos show plants added during the Lagoon Park Restoration.  Following are photos of plants we identified while strolling around the west loop after learning about the Lagoon Park Restoration Project.  
American Sycamore
blood root

culvers root
Monarda bee balm
meadow rue (too much water?)

spice bush
unknown - please comment if you know!
white pine
wild blue lobelia
wild geranium
wild ginger
zig zag goldenrod

Species already established at the park:
bed straw

Curly dock

birds foot trefoil
black swallow wort
cinquefoil (yellow flower)
common burdock
coppice willow and grey stem dogwood
honeysuckle (past bloom)

milk weed
morning glory
morning glory

night shade (poisonous to eat)

phragmites (tall grass chocking out the cat tails)
purple crown vetch
salsify tragopogon (goatsbeard)

wild grape

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