Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April walk at FLCC

I was anxious to see some skunk cabbage blossoms and found plenty on a recent walk through the woods at FLCC along with plenty more to see and enjoy. - Laura

This is a Bloodroot blossom that got pulled out by a passing runner.  I share in order to visualize why Bloodroot has that name while encouraging you to show this picture instead of pulling Bloodroot out of the ground. Bloodroot is a protected species in NYS.

Trout lily and Trilium ready to bloom
Northern Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum giganteum) Thanks to Kim B of Sonnenberg Gardens for identifying this for me!
plenty of skunk cabbage blossoms to see

a well maintained boardwalk

Trout lily

ant hill heading to the arboretum

Tulip tree blossoms

Magnolia buds
Maya's bench

Cut leaved Toothwart
we also saw many different moths and butterflies
Buds on a tree near the parking lot
and this firefly larvae (about 1 inch) on the sidewalk near the parking lot

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