Friday, June 27, 2014

Zurich Bog PART 1

Zurich Bog Walk with Robert Leopard,    Wayne County

      Saturday, June 21, 2013 at 10 AM     

Zurich Bog is a unique wetland preserve of more than 650 acres located in the town of Arcadia and home to several threatened and endangered species. Owned by the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society, who acquired the property in 1957, Zurich Bog was declared a National Natural Historic Landmark in 1973 by the National Park Service.  

Zurich Bog on the web 

Seven botanical friends met on a pleasant Saturday morning at Zurich Bog surprised to see a dozen vehicles already there.  Evidently, there were two other groups touring the bog that day.  

Robert Leopard defined
            Swamp: woods with standing water
            Marsh: standing water, no trees
            Bog: area acidic from sphagnum moss
            Fen: no acidic plants 

I am posting photos now with the intent to return before the end of the week with species names.  Perhaps you can quiz yourself on how many species you already know.  I am posting the Zurich Bog photos in two posts as they do not all fit in one post.  - Laura
Thomas atop the Zurich Bog boulder
Entering the bog
Trail markings through the bog
The root of Blood Root - resembling blood on a lost tooth
blood root leaves
May Apple with young fruit
Moon seed
American Elm sapling
Sensitive fern
Cinnamon fern
royal fern
Leona taking pictures of the Marsh Marigold
Marsh Marigold by Leona
Marsh Marigold seed by Leona
Robert telling us about Spice bush bark
Foam flower gone to seed
Jewel weed - used to heal Thomas' large bug bites
false dead nettle
dogwood (will have blue berries in the fall)
Thomas finds a nature shelter
nicely maintained boardwalks
Canadian Mayflower leaves
Canadian Mayberries
Gold thread
Yellow birch
Partridge Berries
Pink Lady slipper (leaves)
sphagnum moss
blueberry bushes
Bog rosemary
Bog rosemary berries
Keeping to the path