Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Interested in receiving Botanical updates via Email?

I am finding that the press releases that I send out to local newspapers and online calendars are often "ignored" and postings of our Canandaigua Botanical Society events do not appear in print or online.  I generally send out Email reminders about our events to anyone who has shared their address with us at  You are welcome (and encouraged) to pass the Emails on to friends as we are more than happy to have many people come to enjoy the botanical events planned throughout the year.  If you don't already receive Email updates about upcoming events...and would like to...please just send us a message with your preferred Email address and we'll be sure to include you in on future updates!
Any members who prefer to be reminded by phone and are not already on our calling list may also be added to our phone lists to receive a friendly call a week in advance of botanical events.
THANKS! ~ Laura Ouimette,

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