Sunday, April 29, 2012


Attending: Paul Brock, Judi Cermak, Margo and Bruce Gilman, Peggy and Peter Kane, Leona Lauster, Lauralee and John Maas, Hilda Mannato, Sylvia Moore, Laura Ouimette, Dave Poteet, John and Mary Purdy, Elizabeth Schwarzweller, Elisabeth Socci,

Treasury report:
                        April 2011 ……………….$ 758.27
                        Dues received ……………$ 206.00
                        Expenses ………………...$ 250.00  
                        Received Maya Memorial..$400.00

                        Current balance………….$1112.36

Secretary report:
            Minutes from this past year are in the 2011-2012 yearbook as well as available online. The 2012 – 2013 Botanical Program of events is listed at the bottom of the website. 
            Due to a new job with the Post Office, Laura Ouimette will be unable to attend many of the Saturday events.  Please think about bringing a camera and sharing notes and pictures with Laura in order to be able to continue posting notes on the website.
            One of our members, Leigh Jones gave Maya Hobday a copy of the book she authored with her brother Stephen B. Agard, It Happened at Hopewell: Jacob Isenhour’s Cobblestone Legacy.  We will donate the book, signed by Leigh, to the Gorham library (Wood Library already has a copy).
            There was a discussion about ideas for the $400 that was donated to the Canandaigua Botanical Society in honor of Maya Hobday who passed away on September 12, 2011.  An English Oak tree will be planted at Sonnenberg Park in honor of Maya by the City of Canandaigua during their 20th anniversary Arbor Day celebration on April 27th.  A plaque could be purchased to accompany that tree.  A white cedar tree was planted in remembrance of Sam Hobday (Maya’s husband) in the FLCC Arboretum.  Perhaps a plaque dedicated to both Sam and Maya could be placed in the arboretum.  Maya loved all trees and plants.  A white paper birch was mentioned as one of her favorites.  Maya especially appreciated a butterfly bush and the butterflies it attracted outside a window at Elm Manor during the summer of 2011.  The idea of a simple bench along a favorite nature trail would be another idea.  We agreed to table the decision on how to spend the $400 until further discussion and consultation with Maya’s four children was considered.  

Maya’s daughter, Sylvia Moore, set out a table display of Maya Hobday’s Botanical items.  Peggy Kane read the “formal” role call of past members which were familiar to many.  Laura brought a metal specimen box that belonged to Maya.  Bruce Gilman informed us that its proper name is a VASCULUM and that it is the perfect length for botanical specimen paper.  Peggy Kane suggested that we think about a means to preserve much of our Canandaigua Botanical Society history.  

Peggy let us know about additional events available to us after the printing of our programs.
            Saturday, May 12, 2012  at 10 am – Lilac Festival, Ellwanger Park – open to the public but we can have our own horticulturist .  
Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 10 am – Tour of Ellwanger Garden for peonies with our own horticulturist.  (and the Stone Tolland House for $5.00 a person)

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