Friday, March 2, 2012

Finding FLCC, Room C220

The FLCC Canandaigua Campus is located on the northeast side of Canandaigua Lake.

The Canandaigua Botanical Society generally holds indoor meetings at Finger Lakes Community College - Room C 220. During this time of construction on the FLCC campus it has been difficult to get to Room C 220 (even those who know where it is located) .

Room C 220 is located in building 8 on the map above. It is easiest to get to Room C220 by entering from loading dock entrance C on the map. You can park in the southeast corner of lot A and walk up Laker Lane to get to the building. If construction allows, parking may also be available closer to the building in loading dock C.

How to find C 220 as of March 14th:

** Turn onto Marvin Sands Drive and take the second left onto Laker Lane.

** Follow Laker Lane around to the first stop sign. (Take a right at the stop sign into the parking lot and proceed by foot…)

** Continue along Laker Lane to the second Emergency blue light east of building C (look for Canandaigua Botanical Society sign).

** The entrance to building C is on the left closest to Laker Lane.

** Room C 220 will be inside, straight ahead, and to the left.

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