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The Unitarian Universalist Church of Canandaigua (UUCC) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides just that!

Every Monday for 24 weeks from May 23 through October 31, UUCC CSA members pick up a wide assortment of home grown organically certified seasonal fruits and vegetables at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 3024 Cooley Rd in Canandaigua .

Share Contents

Share contents change each week. There is always something different in the share. Small and Large shares are a mix of pre-packed staples like cooking greens, salad greens, roots, potatoes, and seasonal favorites like strawberries and tomatoes.

Through-out the season, a market table will be set up at distribution for members to choose several items to supplement their basic share. The market table will have 10-25 different vegetables and fruits ranging from staples like carrots and potatoes, to specialty vegetables and fruits, and vegetables which people either love or hate.

Large shares usually include 8-12 different fruits and vegetables. Small shares have 6-8 items. A micro-share is 4 choices from the market table (maximum of 2 fruit choices).

A large share works well for a family or a couple who cook almost every night. A small share is often best for a single person or a couple. A micro-share is good for a single person who isn’t always home for a meal or doesn’t have a lot of time for cooking.

Fresh cut herbs and hot peppers are also available during the season on a “take what you can use” basis.

Meat, eggs and honey: The UUCC CSA works with several other local farms to offer pork, beef, poultry, eggs, and honey on an extra cost basis to our members.

Work Option: CSA members who volunteer to work on the farm for at least 12 hours will receive a $50 rebate at the end of the season.

Share Pick-up: Mondays from 5:15 to 7:00 at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 3024 Cooley Rd. in Canandaigua. After hours pick up at the church or pick up at the farm can also be arranged.

About the Fellenz Family Farm

Since 2003, the Fellenz Family Farm has grown organic fruits and vegetables on a small scale for families in the Finger Lakes area.

To learn more about the CSA or the farm, visit our website: www.fellenzfamilyfarm.com

Email: Andy@FellenzFamilyFarm.com

or call: 315 548 6228 or 585 260 2477.

2011 share prices:

Micro-Share (4 items/week) $300.00

Small Share (6-8 items/week) $480.00

Large Share (8-12 items/week) $600.00

Andy will be there!

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  1. Andy Fellenz also provides shares for the Geneva and Pittsford CSAs. Contact Andy for more information.