Thursday, July 29, 2010


Andy Fellenz welcomed us to his Organic Fellenz Family Farm on Saturday, July 24th. Botanical members in attendance were: Kathie Crocker, Tom Crocker, Leona Lauster, Laura Ouimette, Joan Purdy, and Peter Purdy.

Andy talked about the three Community Supported Agriculture programs he farms for in Canandaigua, Geneva, and Pittsford before bringing us to the fields and high tunnels (hoop houses) to talk about how he manages the tomatoes and cucurbits. Andy shared a wealth of information about organic farming.

Andy asks what we're interested to hear about in the shade of the packing shed
Andy talks about growing his tomatoes in the field
Tomatoes growing in the field with support from criss-crossed lines between plants
Andy shared a taste of Asian Tat Soi with us
A view of the fields and high tunnels from Lester Road
Tomatoes in a high tunnel
Chester the dog rests nearby as Andy talks with Canandaigua Botanical Society members
A view from inside the high tunnel
Discussing tomatoes in the high tunnel
Tomatoes growing in the high tunnel
A high tunnel with a field waiting for its next planting
This shows a clip holding the vine to a string that comes from the top of the high tunnel
Cantaloupe growing in a high tunnel
Cucumbers growing in a high tunnel
Between the planting sheds
Seeds planted in honeycomb grid (which straightens out to evenly spaced lines for planting)
Andy showing us a honeycomb seed frame
Japanese Paperpot Planter (See video) (set up video)

Squash growing in the tasting orchard
Jan and Andy by the Fellenz Family Farm stand

Andy has two websites that can be viewed for more information: and

Resources spoken about during the tour:
Northeast Organic Farming Association:
Organic Materials Review Institute: and