Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9th Meeting Minutes

Attending: Ray Boda; Judi & Fritz Cermak; Marge & Dick Demallie (new members); Maya Hobday; Peggy Kane; Sylvia & June Moore; Laura, Jeffery, Bethan & Thomas Ouimette; Mary & John Purdy; Pat Reece (A.T.A.); Gene Rogers; Elizabeth Socci; Isabel Trudeau;

We met at Rogers' Woods at 10am where Judi Cermak had set up a canopy with refreshments for the Canandaigua Botanical Society and All Things Art members who were expected later in the day. Thank you Judi!

Gene Rogers led the group through the woods where we turned left at the fork and enjoyed the multitude of Bluebells along with several other species currently in bloom. The children were especially pleased to taste the "sweet honey" necter of the Bluebell blossoms. Upon return to the canopy for lunch a few members revisited the path and enjoyed the beauty of the right fork that led to even more Bluebells.

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