Saturday, June 24, 2017


The Canandaigua Botanical Society will be making a visit to
Grace Gardens, Penn Yan
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 10AM.  
Grace Gardens features over 2300 daylily cultivars.  We will be meeting at its peak bloom before its annual open house so to catch the garden at its best.  The owners will be giving us a presentation on hybridizing daylilies.  Daylilies will be available for purchase.  Be sure to bring your camera!

Grace Gardens is located at 1064 Angus Road, Penn Yan, NY 14527  (about 9 miles south of Geneva off State Route 14).

*****  Although the weather was wet and stormy, we had a lovely morning at Grace Gardens.   Grace Gardens was established 21 years ago and has over 2000 varieties of daylilies.  Kathy showed us how hybridizing works by moving polin from one plant to another. Several folks selected day lilies to purchase and learned about naming and sustaining the many varieties of daylilies.*****

  Additional photos taken by Melissa can be found on our facebook pages!


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Juneberry Festival 
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2017   10 AM

Plants of Grimes Glen with Sandra Bierbrauer

Sandra is a FROGG (Friend of Grimes Glen) and will lead us through the lower portion of Grimes Glen.  Grimes Glen is a narrow, deep gorge cut through limey shale.  The first third of the gorge has an easily-walked path.  However, to see the middle and upper waterfalls, one must walk through the creek bed.

Directions: Head south from Canandaigua on Route 21 south to Naples.  Continue through the village of Naples and take a right onto Vine Street.  We will meet at 10 AM in the parking area at the end of Vine Street (public bathrooms available).

Eight members met on a warm and sunny morning at the Grimes Glen parking area and were able to enjoy a comfortable walk along the trail towards the waterfalls.  Four members proceeded on to the first falls (getting their feet wet occasionally) and three members proceeded on through the water to the second falls.  Species list follows the photos.
Checking out a bird nest
Pegoda Dogwood
Looking east from the footbridge
Looking west from the footbridge
Lion's Foot
young jewelweed
Appendage Waterleaf
Cohosh and Marginal Woodfern
Blue Cohosh
Appendage Waterleaf
Purple Flowering Raspberry
False Solomon Seal
Lion's foot
Sweet Cicily
Working together to identify Sweet Cicily
Canadian Yew
Mountain Maple
Wake Robin Trillium
Weed Orchid
Multiflora rose
Appendaged Waterleaf
Baneberry Doll's eyes
Zig Zag Goldenrod
Flowering Raspberry
True Miterwort
Wood Nettle in bloom
Violet with seed pods
Jack in pulpits
Mountain Maple in bloom
Foam flower/false miterwort
Herb Robert
Intermediate Woodfern
Marginal Fern
Tall Meadowrue

Rock cap / common polypody fern
Maple leaf Viburnum
Canadian Mayflower
American fly honeysuckle with fruit
Fragile fern ?
First Waterfalls
Second Waterfalls
Forget me Not
Maidenhair Fern
gout weed ?
  LIST OF SPECIES SEEN                     
  • ·      Pegoda dogwood, alternate leaf,
  • ·       Basswood
  • ·       Mugwort
  • ·       Bedstraw,
  • ·       Herb robert / wild geranium
  • ·       Lion’s foot
  • ·       Blue Cohosh
  • ·       Marginal Woodfern
  • ·       Touch-me-nots (Jewelweed),
  • ·       Mayapples,
  • ·       Bladder fern
  • ·       Columbine
  • ·       Meadowrue
  • ·       Appendage Waterleaf
  • ·       False Solomon Seal
  • ·       Purple flowering Raspberry
  • ·       Christmas fern
  • ·       Sweet Cicily (hairy/p 224 Newcombs)
  • ·       Hemlock
  • ·       Witch hazel
  • ·       Weed Orchid
  • ·       Wake Robin/red nodding Trillium Trillium
  • ·       Multiflora rose
  • ·       Barberry
  • ·       Bainberry/doll’s eyes
  • ·       Zig Zag goldenrod
  • ·       Ash
  • ·       Yellow birch
  • ·       Wood nettle (Laportea canadensis) in bloom
  • ·       True miterwort
  • ·       Butternut Hickery
  • ·       Yellow flower Canada violet
  • ·       Horsebalm (p82 Newcombs)
  • ·       Black ash
  • ·       Mountain Maple in bloom
  • ·       Foam flower / false miterwort
  • ·       Intermediate woodfern
  • ·       Tall meadowrue
  • ·       Composite Aster
  • ·       Tulip tree in bloom
  • ·       Hornbeam
  • ·       Rock cap / common polypody fern
  • ·       Aster
  • ·       Maple leaf viburnum
  • ·       Canadian Mayflower
  • ·       American fly honeysuckle (fruit)
  • ·       Fragile fern?
  • ·       Honewort / Cryptotaenia canadensis
  • ·       Buttercup
  • ·       Liverwort
  • ·       Garlic mustard,
  • ·       Ironwood or muscle wood trees,
  • ·       Jack in Pulpit, 
  •      Dame's Rocket
  •      Maidenhair fern 
  •      Gout weed